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Incentives related to installations that EMMCo performs would include HVAC and tankless water heaters. They generally fall in to three categories:

1) Tax credits from the federal government and the state of Arizona. These credits normally materialize (cash in hand) in the first quarter of the year following the qualified installation. The credits are a result of legislation for a specific period in yearly increments. If the tax credit is larger than your tax liability it is usually ok to carry over the remaining credit to the next year.

2) Utility rebates from TEP or SWG. These rebates generally come from a “pool” of money and when the funds are depleted the rebates end or are reduced until the fund is replenished. The availability of a utility rebate is not as reliable as the tax credits but the funds are usually sent out in 30 to 60 days following the qualified request. Check the respective utility web sites for the latest information on rebates.

3) Manufacturer rebates. Generally, among manufacturers that offer rebates, they are on the high end equipment. The amounts vary significantly and are often available for a single season. Also, some manufacturers require participation (shared cost) by the dealer so the “published” rebate amounts may be exaggerated. Virtually all incentives are “after the fact” which means that the full purchase price of the qualifying installation must be paid in full before incentives are paid out at some later date.

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