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About EMMCo

Arizona Contractor Licenses:

  • ROC# 319137

Company Practices:

  • Our ongoing air conditioning business comes from dedicated customers and referrals. In terms of $ volume we are close to 50-50, residential-commercial.
  • We do not seek out “on the street” new construction but do some of that work on personal request by an owner or general contractor.
  • EMMCo Inc is in good standing with the BBB and the Registrar of Contractors. We choose not to pay third party organizations to compliment our integrity or workmanship. We have plenty of satisfied customers that are happy to do that.
  • EMMCo does NOT pay our service technicians a commission. We regard this practice to be in the worst interests of the customer/consumer.

Our Team

EMMCo Team. Air Conditioners and Hot Water Heaters.

Theresa, Ed, Nancy, Pedro, Gus, George, Brandon, Justin, Eric & William. Let's not forget Simon, our part time 12.5 lb guard dog.

Edward J Sanaghan Jr., Owner/President

Involvement in the HVAC and Solar industry began in 1972. Working full time for an HVAC contractor and going to college both full and part time, Ed ultimately graduated from Triton College in River Grove, IL with an Associate in Science Degree in HVAC&R in 1975. Upon arriving in Arizona in 1976 he was a sales engineer for projects including the Green Valley County Services Building, Howenstein Elementary School, Ina Road Sewage Treatment Plant and several residences in the Solar Parade of Homes in Hidden Valley; to name a few.

In 1977 Ed started his first contracting business in Tempe, AZ. In the course of this business called Sun Comfort Air Conditioning Inc., solar water heaters were a good investment due to both state and federal tax credits. Ed authored an article published in a local magazine called Arizona Business & Industry titled HEATING WATER WITH SUN POWER, DOES IT PAY? Congressman Morris Udall found the article and appreciated it so much so that he published it in the Congressional Record on June 14, 1978.

Edward Sanaghan CEM, Owner and Founder started Energy Management & Maintenance Company as a sole proprietorship and later incorporated as EMMCo Inc. (the acronym for Energy Management & Maintenance Co.) in 1986.

HVAC always has been, and remains, the dominant portion of our business. Highly efficient systems that are quiet are our trademark. Over the course of many years we have come to offer water heater alternatives. Tankless water heaters first came about due to our involvement in and application of forced air hydronic heat.

We were green before green was trendy!

Ed is a proud CEM (Certified Energy Manager) with the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) since approximately 1982. This is no small accomplishment earned only by those individuals who have documented their experience, education and knowledge in the disciplines related to energy conservation. The ongoing CEM status requires documented training and experience in the related fields.

Nancy Sanaghan, Secretary Treasurer

For many years Nancy handled all of the office business including the phones. Many of our older customers know her well. Her concern for customer service is unmatched and remains a priority as her management role continues from the home office.

EMMCo Employees:

Our employees are involved in ongoing training. This training includes; in house classroom sessions, on line webnars, attendance at local training sessions by manufacturers and distributors, and various other training sessions.