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EMMCo offers a wide variety of HVAC supplies and upgrade equipment along with professional installation of all items.

Thermostats: There are a host of new capabilities available in thermostats. Available display information can include; humidity control, outside air temperature, system diagnostics, filter maintenance and much more. With a Wi-Fi network, Smart thermostats offer control from cell phones or computers. Features include wireless temp sensors, programming, history, alarm notification - commercial or residential.
Air Conditioning.Thermostat

Whole House Air Cleaners: Facilitate; Less dust in the house, More comfort for occupants with allergies, More reliable system operation when components in the air stream can be kept “brand new clean”. Media type air cleaners offer excellent performance without ozone creation, require minimal maintenance and have a long life. Electronic type air cleaners offer the ultimate in performance. Regular and timely maintenance is important. Some energy consumption is ongoing.
Air Conditioning Whole House Cleaner

Humidifiers: Low humidity causes dry skin, sore throat (especially in the morning), static electric shocks, furniture cracking and a host of other nuisances. There are a variety of humidifier types for the variety of systems in place.
Air Conditioning Humidifier

Variable speed blower motors: Uneven temperatures from room to room and from floor to ceiling are common. Variable speed blower motors sometimes referred to as “ECM” or “X-13” motors are electronically commutated motors. They offer substantial energy savings (about 10% for central air conditioning) and operate at an ultra low speed often used for constant filtration and/or to address the problem of temperature stratification.
Air Conditioning Variable Speed Blower

Fresh air dampers: With improved building construction comes a “tight” structure. This in turn makes the introduction of outside “fresh” air important to keep the building “healthy”. A fresh air device will accomplish this. Variations include a manual damper to adjust the quantity of fresh air to automatic motorized devices with CO2 detectors for control.

Burglar bars: This is usually a priority on commercial locations where “package equipment” is located on the roof. If the ducts are cut open or ripped off, a thief will still not be able to enter through the duct opening.

Outdoor coil guards: We have hail and sometimes it is a “driven” hail. Substantial damage can be inflicted on the relatively frail coil fins. In some instances equipment on the ground may be vulnerable to damage by pets or children playing. Coil guards protect the coils.

Low ambient kit: Air conditioners are normally designed to operate when the outside air temperature is mild or warm. Breakdown may occur when operating in cold ambient conditions. In some circumstances there is a need for air conditioning when it is cold outside. A “low ambient kit” facilitates this with special sensors and control devices.

Economizer: Economizer mode is sometimes referred to as “free cooling” mode. The free is cool outside air drawn into a structure to satisfy all or part of the cooling demand. This reduces energy consumption and wear and tear on the HVAC components. It us usually used in commercial applications but is an option for residences in some cases.